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Gardening tips for June.

Gardening tips for June.

Bedding Plants

Summer bedding can be planted out in your planters or borders this month. Follow the usual planting rules, remembering that many bedding plants only have small root systems and are very likely to dry out in hot weather.


Prune shrubs that have finished flowering, such as flowering currants, kerrias, weiglas, philadelphus and deutzias by cutting back flowered shoots to a healthy bud. In mature plants, you can cut out whole branches that have flowered to open up the shrub and promote new growth. It's best to cut back about one third of branches each year in a three year cycle. After pruning, water the shrubs well and feed them with compost from the compost heap.


Continue to spray roses against pests and diseases where necessary.

Dead head large flowered and cluster-flowered roses that have finished blooming, this will promote a second flush of flowers in july and august. Feed after the first flush of blooms with a good quality rose feed.

Shrub roses and once flowering old fashioned varieties do not need drastic pruning.


Apples will drop many small fruits this month. Its known as June drop!. Dont worry. Its nature's way of thinning out the crop. You can do eveb more thinning if the crop is particularly heavy. This is easy on dwarf trees but not worth doing on large old standard trees.

Check gooseberry bushes for sawfly and spray for mildew if necessary. .

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