Tree Specialists

Tree Specialists

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Tree Care

We undertake all aspects of tree care throughout Ireland.

Country Lane Landscapers cater for any size of enquiry from both the domestic and commercial market.

Tree Care Services

Tree Pruning

Overgrown trees or hedging can be a nuisance.This is often a problem with evergreen hedges such as leylandii.We can prune that overgrown hedge back into shape.Or if the decision has been made to remove it.We remove full hedges and provide a planting service if it is being replaced with a new hedge.

Tree Felling

Have you a tree or hedge that has overgrown and is out of control or has fallen and needs removing.

Stump Removal

We remove unwanted stumps quickly,easily and cleanly with no digging and with the absolute minimum of disruption to your garden or location.We have a range of machines to cater for any size of stump in any location.Our smallest machine fits through any door for access to any rear garden.Our machines remove the stump by grinding.Leaving only chips and saw dust with minimal disruption unlike digging the roots out with an excavator.

Tree Surgery

We can remove any large boughs or reduce the size of your tree with the minimum of disruption.

Hedge Trimming

 All hedges need trimming every year.In the case of some evergreen hedging more often.We can trim any type, shape, size of hedge even severely overgrown hedges especially overgrown leylandii hedges.

Wood Chipping Service

We provide a wood chipping service.It is the simplest and most convenient way of getting rid of those unwanted branches.The chippings can then be used as a mulch on the flower bed to help keep weeds at bay.This also is a nutritious by-product helping to provide nutrients for your plants.

Tree & Hedge Planting Service

We provide a tree & hedge planting service.We can replant replacement trees and hedging which have been removed by the client and the client wishes to replant a replacement tree or hedge in its place.

We provide a tree planting service for clients wanting to develop and create a mixed broadleaf woodland.

We also can assist in its development into a stable and vibrant ecosystem that are capable of providing a livelihood, environmental protection and inspiration to their owners and surrounding communities.

Lawn Repair Service

If your lawn has been damaged by a fallen tree,uprooting or if you would like to have grass in the area from where the stumps have been removed.We can reinstate your lawn using either lawn seed or instant lawn.

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