Lake/Pond / Water Feature Creations.

Lake/Pond / Water Feature Creations.

Pond / Water Feature Creation Country Lane Landscaping

A Water feature is an amazing addition to any garden regardless of size.Water will add another dimension to your garden.

Water Features

We construct beautiful features in numerous styles and sizes from miniature rock cascades,contemporary water features,to natural ponds.In addition we install Spring stones, Mill stones and Tobishi stepping stones.We supply and install the appropriate water plants most suitable to your particular water feature.

Our installers, are highly skilled and experienced in the techniques required to work with this unique and versatile element.

Wildlife Ponds

We construct ponds to suit every requirement.One of our most popular is the wildlife pond.Our success is not only proven with our clients but also with the wide variety of wildlife who come to visit our ponds,often before we finish construction.Our ponds attract insects, frogs, newts, ducks, deer and often kingfisher`s.

Like the other features that we construct.We find that they are a visual and audio attraction and can be the most popular point of interest in a garden.

Water Feature lighting

We can install during construction various kinds of lighting.This in conjunction with the water feature enhances the enjoyment gained from the addition of a water feature to a garden.

Water feature maintenance

Water features like most other things need maintenance.We advise a maintenance schedule of least once a year.This can vary due to size and situation of the water feature.The water pump and filters need cleaning and removal of excess growth from pond plants and sometimes the addition of new water plants.We offer a full water feature maintenance service.


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